Arnie Goldman
About Perfecta Grip
A Brief History

Perfecta-Grip Interchangeable Finger & Thumb Inserts are the result
of years of research and development, which began in 1987.
Arnie Goldman, their inventor, prompted an ABC /WIBC, and P.B.A.
rule change which paved the way for the Perfecta-Grip to be used in competition.
His proposals to allow removable devices in sanctioned play, were passed in 1993.
Since that time, Perfecta-Grip can claim:

·A National ABC Doubles - single game record (569).
·An MMBA record for most 1500 series by a single bowler.
·Dozens - of first time [multiple] 300 shooters.
·Numerous - major tournament wins (of $1,000. or more)

Arnie Goldman has over a quarter century of practical experience as a career
professional bowler, which includes a decade competing on the PBA pro tour.
His career highlights include (5) P.B.A. regional titles, (4) Michigan Majors,
a $125,000. payday as champion of the 1999 July "High-Roller" Tournament
in Las Vegas, and - numerous A.B.C. & other tournament and league records.
The inventor's lifetime career average, is among the highest ever compiled,
for a 30-year span - in history.
Some Updated Perfecta-Grip Users - Recent Accomplishments: as of 3/17/03
* Hundreds of 300's, 800's, & other honor scores have been bowled
in sanctioned tournaments and competitive league play.
* Dozens of major tournaments won locally (here in Michigan.)
* For past 3 successive years - a 5th-8th finisher,
in the "Hoinke"- Super Classic megabucks tournament.
(by 3 different bowlers who won $5,000.00 each,
Rawsan Mansour, Gary Miller, and Jeff Roche).
* Several "Petersen Classic" major prize winners of $1,000.00 or more.
* Hundreds of thousands of dollars won, in Las Vegas "High-Roller",
& "Mini-Eliminator" tournaments (& related megabuck companion events).
* More than 80 - "First '100' Pioneers" club shirts awarded, already.
Other notable personal PGI achievements include:

* [On the inventor's 46th birthday - Feb/8th/2001] - Mike Makowiec, in only his 5th
year of bowling broke the Greater Detroit Bowling Assn. all-time 3-game series record
of 878 by one pin …when he rolled lines of 300-290-289 for an 879 set, on wood lanes.
* Another Westside Detroit favorite - Bryan Macek, bowled 300-237-300-837...
only… a couple weeks into using his first PGI Insert.
* Detroit area star & avid PGI user - Nunzio Marino shot the highest 3-game set in his
long career, an 826 - the first time he tried PGI in league play.
* Four bowlers - have bowled a perfect 300 game, the first time they used their Perfecta-
in sanctioned play. (Jason Narlock, Kaseem Sauls, Joe Petrone, Nick Beelaard)
* One, [of only 3 females to test the Perfecta-Grip] Sue Madej - who sports a 200+
average & employs a "reverse hook" - has bowled not one, but two 300's while using
her PGI insert. Her most recent, happened in the Women’s Michigan State Tournament,
which included such notables as Aleta Sill, (Bowling's - first female millionaire).

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