*Meet the Inventor
Former touring pro, Arnie Goldman has spent his entire career within the field of bowling
both, on and off the lanes - reaping 32+ years of experience at bowling's highest levels.
In addition to 20 years of extensive ball drilling experience, and having spent more than
a decade on the PBA Tour - Arnie has a long history of accomplishments which include:

(5) PBA Regional Titles, (4) Michigan Majors, A (then current) National ABC "Doubles"
single-game record of 569 [set in Tulsa Ok. in 1993... T. Lathrop {269}, A. Goldman {300}.]
2003 American Masters "Bowler of the Year" - and, induction into their "Hall of Fame".
Various league & other tournament records, including 2003 GDBA seasonal high 869 set.
Aside from defeating Pete Weber... in Weber's first nationally televised match (LINY, 1980)
by far, Arnie's brightest moment came while winning the 1999 "High-Roller" Tournament
Las Vegas, which brought he & his sponsor, Gary Jones... a cool $125,000.00 payday!

The "road to success" for Goldman, however - has been far from a superhighway...
A product of his earlier harsh PBA environment, Arnie (who'd emerged a graduate -
from the "University of Hard Knocks") learned a valuable lesson, from his many
lean years with the PBA tour - that, his key to winning - was to overcome adversity
through a continual learning process...with "constant observation & applied change."
His earlier hardship also taught him that,
"Necessity, truly IS...the mother of Invention"...and, "Invention - IS the father of success".
It was these two distinct realizations, that then were combined with Napoleon Hill's...
"We Become What We Think About" mentality - that ultimately had given birth, to the
eventual creation of bowling's best kept secret... Perfect-Grip Industries.
Since leaving the pro tour life behind, in 1987 - to found and fashion PGI inc. ...
Arnie has become dedicated to helping other bowlers learn, [to teach themselves how]
to become full-fledged winners - themselves!

It is our sincere hope, that PGI technology...
will play a future role in the realization of your dreams.
Arnie Goldman
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