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Perfecta-Grip System Needs!

The"Perfecta-Grip" Interchangeable Insert System... can enable you to find, create, then duplicate that "Perfect Grip" in every bowling ball that you own - or use! This unique and revolutionary system allows you total freedom... to fully explore all aspects of the grip [as well as each set of "consequences" your grip produces] until you arrive at what works best for you. You then have the option of locking your choice in permanently - or, altering it at any time you desire ...even while you bowl !! Easily transfer, your "favorite thumb"... customized with - PGI's "Therma-Liner" enhancer to each and every bowling ball you may own, or use - providing you with that "exact feel" shot after shot ! Our unique Indexing features allow you to fine tune all aspects of balance, action and reaction. Adjustments are a cinch!
The possibilities and advantages are endless !!

(PGI's proposed submissions led to our formal ABC/WIBC & PBA Approval in 1993)
*Grip compatible / may be used with other standard "lift" products,
(finger grips, Custom Thumb, Exactacator, etc.)

Perfecta-Cast...MAKES IT WORK !
Each PGI Casting , is custom molded & Thermally Enhanced to your personal specs so that you can have a perfect "Feel" from ball to ball! Using the (patented) "Thermal Inliner" you can have multiple thumbs of different dimensions if you like, so that you can make that quick change as your needs vary! Easy to change! This System gives you that special edge when bowling lots of games or bowling in long tournament formats where hand fluctuation can be a problem.
Absolutely unique..!
A must have for the serious or tournament bowler!
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Special highly engineered"Acceptors"are easily incorporated within the recesses of your bowling balls, or in -"house balls" for those bowling centers who wish to offer state-of-the-art PGI enhanced technology to their customers, [in order to elevate interest in our sport]. This - proposed PGI concept, (originally submitted by us in 1992 to the PBA & ABC/WIBC ) was the single biggest reason that those organizations not only embraced our technology, but honored it with a rule change as well.
PGI Inserts are then, typically secured to the "Acceptor"
by a reinforced Nylon bolt... to be inserted in seconds
with - a simple screwdriver! Easy to install and adjust!

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