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Welcome to Perfecta-Grip Industries...
Home... of the only (patented) ABC/WIBC & PBA approved
"Bowling Ball Dynamics - Control System" & PGI's custom"Thermal-Inliner".
We are: "The Pioneer... of Bowling Ball - Dynamics Control technology".

These are merely some, of what our unique Perfecta-Grip Interchangeable
Finger & Thumb Inserts...will (with practice) - enable you to learn to control:

A) All variable aspects, related to a ball's pitch, span, & hole configuration.
B) Other advantages such as - compatibility / with other [standard] grip products.
C) "Roll Pattern" and "Path of Motion"(thus all reactions) of your bowling ball.
D) "Forward Roll" to "Side Roll" Ratio, can now be determined by you (at will).
E) Your ball's arc, breakpoint distance, track location, as well as hitting power.
F) A keen sense of awareness of "True Balance" - both in, and out of, your hand.
G) Consistency of both - superior "Feel" - & a "totally controlled roll pattern".
H) Your overall - bowling awareness, optimum potential, and confidence level.
I) Your attitude regarding "adaptation & change"- 2 main keys to understanding.
J) Your bowling environment, such as using "Oil Migration"... to benefit YOU.

It has been our goal since 1987 for bowlers everywhere to experience the
"difference" that our Systems can bring to the game of Bowling ! can achieve "total ball dynamics control"...and, a state of the art feel
"Thermally Enhanced" with PGI's Perfecta-Cast all at the same time... each and every ball that you own - or use !!

We now cordially invite you to visit (or become)... one of our officially authorized
"Perfecta-Grip Proshops"
who have been carefully trained to serve all of your
PGI needs - while introducing you to a whole new world that awaits you... within
the Perfecta-Grip universe!

Feel free to Email us with your questions or comments.
We can help you bowl better more often!

Our sincerest thanks, and best wishes!
Arnie Goldman - Inventor /founder - PGI
Congratulations to Jeff Roche - GDBA Masters Champion - $4,000 first place -feb 3, 2013... Congratulation Jason Narlock, 877 series (298, 279, 300)... Congratulations to John Peters who bowled his first 3 800's ever ina span of 2 months with a high of 866!... Congratulations to Larry Weiler Jr. had to settle for 869 in his bid for 900. Congratulations to Jay Narlock again who just bowled his first USBC Tournament and took the lead with 299 and 692 - which may be seen on (Our Website is currently under please bear with us as we strive to provide you with the most current up-to-date information concerning our product and the many accomplishments of it's faithful users! Newly updated items and pages will be added regularly. So add PGI to your list of favorites. Our information, as well as our products can help you improve your game! ...Want proof..? Visit our "Testimonials" hear firsthand from PGI users - how the"Perfecta-Grip" System really works! Check out the First "100" Pioneers awardees... who have each claimed their own place in PGI bowling history! Taylor Lanes debuts our totally unique Perfecta-Fit Ultimate House Ball Program in March 2004!

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